Mystery, Juggler, Bad Boy, Real Social Dynamics – behind these names are lurking some successful players of the worldwide growing “Seduction Community”. These are men who – in groups or as individuals – perceive themselves as “pick-up artists” and seduce women as if it were a sport. Their message: Those who have accumulated sufficient masculinity and know the rules of the game can score as much profit as possible in the form of fucks with minimum investment of their own market value.
In the naturalistic setting of a hotel conference room the Berlin theater group Talking Straight simulates a great “pick-up” event. Performers and spectators form a community of coaches, would-be Casanovas and alpha gamers. Regardless of their actual gender identification all participants are perceived as men who need to learn and who attend fee-based workshops where professional trainers impart their expert knowledge. Re-enactment is turned into a ritual of exorcism. #WTF #HeartOfDarkness #DelegiertesGenießen #SavePatriarch


Mystery, Juggler, Bad Boy, Real Social Dynamics – hinter diesen Namen verbergen sich einige erfolgreiche Player der weltweit wachsenden „Seduction Community“. Es handelt sich um Männer, die in Gruppen und allein als „Pickup-Artists“ sportsmäßig Frauen verführen. Ihre Botschaft: Wer genügend Männlichkeit akkumuliert hat und die Regeln des „Gaming“ kennt, kann bei möglichst geringer Investition in den eigenen Marktwert möglichst viel Profit in Form von Ficks herausschlagen. Im naturalistischen Setting eines Hotel-Konferenzraums simuliert die in Berlin lebende Theatergruppe TALKING STRAIGHT ein großes „Pickup“-Event.


Part of BODY TALK / A Festival of Bodies and Markets, Gender and Visibility in the 21st Century – In cooperation with Missy Magazine. 

Alicia Agustín, Daniel Cremer, Lina Krüger, houaïda, Antje Prust